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12 December 2012 @ 12:51 pm

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NEW MAKEUP REVIEWS WEB !!!! CLICK HERE !!!! you know you want to ;)


Name : Jess / Junko / WeiQi.
Nicknames : Jun-chan / Jess-chan / KiraRin
Age : 16
Birthday : 13th Jan 1994 (Heisei 6th year)
Gender : Girl
Blood Type : A
Horoscope : Capricorn
Interests : Gyaru , Deco , music , JDramas , ARASHI , fangirling, hair , nails , make-up , AGEHA , cosmetics
School : PHSS
Fandom : Johnnys Entertainment - ARASHI
Language : English , Japanese , Chinese


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Konnichiwa ~
Jess desu ~


I'm proud to announce that my journal is now officially Friends-Only Only translations are public for a period and then locked later. Others are all locked , so please do comment in this post to add me as a friend. As for those who just add me without any comments , I'm really sorry , but I would not add you back as a friend, because there have been cases where people repost articles , translations without crediting nor permission from the owner of the journal (which is really rude)  and even worse , claiming as your own , which obviously isn't. So please do NOT do that. That's why I'm only allowing friends to view this journal , so that I can keep track who is reading my journal and all.

So please do promise me that

- You do not repost my translations unless you seek permission
- You will be nice in comments
- You will leave me a comment because I just love comments

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This journal includes Translation of Jwebs , articles and radio shows. The days of posting is not regular , I do it on random.  Most probably , on Saturday nights, so please do come back to check for updates. I'm sometimes open for requests , BUT I have reserved every rights to reject any requests made , because I do not want to do anything I don't like or not interested in (princess syndrome , bear with me ). Sorry for the inconvience caused and enjoy your stay here ~



Love & Peace








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15 December 2010 @ 01:27 am
Rough Translation of Tokio Hotel interview in Japan
Source : http://ameblo.jp/yuriko-okamura/entry-10736963832.html

Please forgive my mistakes in the translation as japanese is not my native language

2/14 (tue) is the first day of Tokio Hotel's members arrival and I managed to interview them.
The vocal (of the group) , Bill appeared in make-up , he was beautiful~!! His skin was translucent , it was so pretty.
The band was formed 10 years ago. In Europe , they are a monster group who had sold-out concerts in arena and stadiums.
They mentioned about how their dream has came true, since the origin of the band's name "Tokio=Tokyo" .
But , of course , this is not the end,they mentioned that they would like to make use of this opportunity to continue (their activities). Therefore , I suppose that we can look forward to more band activities here in Japan!
well, it's mainly Bill and Tom who are answering the questions during the interview.
Since the time given for the interview this time round is rather short , Georg and Gustav didn't really answer much questions (**I rephrased it here , well it should be more of , Georg and Gustav didn't provide much input towards the questions asked) , however , I would ask all the members different questions the next time I'm given a chance to meet them again.
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♪: Tokio Hotel : Forever Now
13 October 2010 @ 05:19 pm
Reviews of contact lenses are now all public ~
Please click on the links available in this post to view the reviews

Up coming contact lenses reviews

1) Misty Grey
2) Pure Brown
3) Candy Magic Black
4) Platinum Black
5) Adult Blue
6) Misty violet *done and uploading*
7) Winsome Brown
8) Super Nudy Pink 
9) Candy Magic Brown
10) VS angel Blue add on
11) FreshKon Mystical Black
12) King Brown
add on
13) King Black

14) Super nudy Green
15) Pure grey
16) Vivi Grey
17) Dolly Brown
18) Super crystal Blue
19) Pussy cat Brown
20) Max Pure Pink
21) Twilight Cullen

Updated : 29 August 2010
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29 August 2010 @ 08:18 pm
KonAiba ~! I'm here again with another contact lens review . This time it's from a brand called Candy Magic , really popular among gyaru because their enlargement effect is just *speechless* WOW !!

Really like this brand , I have a few other pairs which are also under Candy Magic.

Do check out their site ~!
Click on me to go to the world of Candy Magic

Please note that I'm in no way affiliated to Candy Magic~

Brand of Lens :  キャンディーマジック (Candy Magic)
Series :  BIG キャンディーシリズ ( Big Candy Magic)
Made in : Japan
Dia : 14.5mm
Water content : 45%
Base curve : 8.6mm
Comes in : Brown , Gray ,blue , violet

This is the picture seen on the site itself

The packaging is super cute ~! too bad I didn't get a shot of it ~

Full Face Shot
So , this is how it looks in real life
You can see my brown iris in the middle LOL
haha normally , my eyes just look black , but this lens is so black it makes my very dark drown eyes look brown

Zoom in eyes shot ~

Positive :
- Very obvious Enlargement effect
- intense Black colour
- gives you the really dolly look
- natural-ish looking , I use this for school usually

Negative :
- The lack of moisture , I'm not sure is it my eyes or is it the lens , because I feel the need to re-wetting them every few hours

Will I buy it again :
Yes , definitely , one of my top choices for circle lens!
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15 August 2010 @ 01:24 pm
KonAiba ~!
I'm here with a short contact lenses review today ~
Adult Blue by Pi-Kon , it has a really light shade of blue
super duper light actually
so if you want the Caucasian's type of blue eyes this will be the one for you
But , the sad thing is that this comes only in 14.0mm which is quite small , so not much of an enlargement to your eyes
it's more of a colour lens than circle lens

Brand of Lens : ピーコン
Series :  Adult
Made in : Japan
Dia : 14.0mm
Water content : 45%
Base curve : 8.6mm
Comes in : Brown , Gray ,blue , green , violet

Once again , it's a series of lenses endorsed by Sayaka from Koakuma Ageha

Picture of the lens

As you can see the design is really simple , actually it's just a 2 tone blue lens

When you pop in the eyes


Natural Light

Indoors Light

Zoom in

Positive :
- Very shiny eyes
-  recommended for those that are looking for a very obvious eye look

Negative :
- does not enlarge your eyes , just acts like a colour lens
- the colour diameter is small , 14.0mm is the lenses diameter , so you can see some of my iris lining outside the lens
- due to the small diameter thus lens get dry quite easily
- less natural looking

Will I buy it again ?
Well it really depends , if it comes in pink then hell yeah !
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01 August 2010 @ 07:05 pm
KonAiba  ~!
I'm so sorry for leaving this livejournal dead for so long , I have so much so post...
So sorry... I'm like super duper obsessed with The Twilight Saga now after watching eclipse ~ haha
yes ~ Another fandom ~ LOL
I'm a Team Edward by the way LOL no offense to Team Jacob
Alrighty ,
I'm here with Pi-Kon's Pure Brown Contact lenses
I've had this pair of lenses for a very long time now , it has a really nice shade of brown
*thumbs up*

Brand of Lens : ピーコン
Series :  ピュア (Pure)
Made in : Japan
Dia : 14.0mm
Water content : 45%
Base curve : 8.6mm
Comes in : Brown , Gray ,pink

Okay so this Pure series is designed by Sayaka from Koakuma Ageha
yeah , she's one of my favourite Ageha models

By the way , this picture shows MAX pure series , I'm using the pure series which is only 14.0 mm
like I'd said I have this pair of lenses for quite sometime already and I didn't want the Max version of it

Close up

Full face

Positive :
- shinier eyes
- The brown fades into the colour of your eyes , giving you the natural look
- it's possible to wear it to school without being caught as long as you try to stay out of the sun

Negative :
- does not enlarge your eyes , just acts like a colour lens
he diameter might be too small for some that it moves around when it's inside your eye
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♪: Mute Math - Spotlight (Twilight Mix)
Original text credit :   [info]sinomerz 

Same rules applies


*** Text in red are my notes ~

[Translation] Jweb Matsumoto Jun - Enjoy Vol 63

"have you heard?"

It's the end of may

The weather has gotten warmer ne

The clothes are getting lighter (MatsuJun meant how the clothes are getting thinner as the weather gets warmer) , I would want to live with a light mood too

Since it's already announced , I think quite a number of people would have been informed, I will be appearing in a drama in July ! ( MatsuJun used 頂きます here which is a humble form of accepting something which in this case is accepting a role in the drama)
Monday 9pm on Fuji Tv
The title will be
"Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku"

A love story

I'll be falling in love with a lady whose role will be taken up by Yuko Takeuchi san

It has been 9 years since I had taken part in a summer rendora
( 連ドラ is a short form of Renzoku Dorama )
The image of having a concert in summer is really strong, it's really a (summer) drama after a long time.

As this is my first time starring in a Rendora of Fuji TV , I think there are alot of things that I'm not sure of.

well , thinking too deeply into it ne...

in the end , I can only do what I can do now....

In simple words , I'll try to do what I can do and try my very best

I think it's going to be a really fun production , so I'm looking forward to the shooting

I hope that is production will be something enjoyed by the audience and makes the audience hearts throb and bubble with expectation , and even say things like "That's wrong!" ,"Go for it ! Go for it !", etc every Monday

Please look forward to it

I'll need to read my scripts , so today , I'll stop here ...

Well then, see you again
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♪: Ninomiya Kazunari : 痕跡
Original text credit :   [info]sinomerz 

Same rules applies


*** Text in red are my notes ~

[Translation] Jweb Aiba - 今週のひとこと

"Saigo no Yakusoku" The DVD is out for sale~ It is great piece of work. チェケラ ( this means check it out , if you say it fast it will become chiekera in japanese )  

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♪: Aiba Masaki : Hello Goodbye
Original text credit :   [info]sinomerz 

Same rules applies


*** Text in red are my notes ~

[Translation] Jweb Sho - 今週のひとこと

The final episode ! Prince ! you have worked hard !   Sakurai Sho

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♪: Sakurai Sho : Hip Pop Boogie
Original text credit :   [info]sinomerz 

Same rules applies


*** Text in red are my notes ~

[Translation] Jweb Ohno Satoshi - プリンス智くんのひととき

Kaibutsu Kun

Hello ~ It's Ohno
Well Finally , it's the final episode of the drama "Kaibutsu Kun"
Somehow when I think about it now , it was really something really recent
Seriously , the cast , staffs were really nice people
I told the staffs "I feel so lonely when it ends"
I feel so lonely and I truly think that it was great to be able to be Kaibutsu Kun
In this drama a lot of miraculous things happened
I hold a lot of gratitude to all of you
Thank you for watching Kaibutsu Kun
Everyone ~ You're the best ~~~ Yay
Well , please look forward to the last episode of Kaibutsu Kun

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